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We create
inspiring homes where our clients can start building their own family and dreams.

We create inspiring homes where our clients can start building their own family and dreams. Each home customized according to the need of our clients utilizing cutting-edge designs and superb expertise.

Century Homes Realty and Development Corporation has been in the construction business for 22 years, supervised by powerhouse engineers and architects.

Our project locations are all within pristine well-guarded subdivisions within Quezon City area. Near prime locations (eq: church, malls and schools) that are flood-free and far from west valley fault line.

Our company offers the most economic prices in the realty business without compromising design and comfort.

Century Homes Realty & Development Corporation project locations are all within pristine well-guarded subdivisions in the Quezon City area. Click here to view the map.
Building a new home involves a tremendous amount of effort, planning, work, determination and most importantly resources. Once the home is built, proper care and maintenance is necessary to maintain its good state. At times, amidst all the perseverance to keep the home having a modern style, there is just no way to keep up with the fast pace of modern technology. New products and technology are constantly unfolding right before our very eyes. And before we realize it, the home that used to be the most updated and had the newest appearance in the neighborhood, suddenly becomes a reminder of a once-popular style of the past. A case in point is the home built in 2001. The home was clearly one example of homes around the neighborhood that was built with style, elegance and a modern feel. It was admired and inspired other homebuilders for several years; but after time, its architectural features became ordinary and ultimately outdated and old looking. The squared bricks featured under the façade of the master bedroom window that was so popular and sought after when it was built no longer is viewed as a beautiful or an appropriate “add-on” decoration. As a result, it provided the home with a look and feel that was a lot older that the actual age of the home.

Century Homes looked at the home and figured ways to take it forward to the present day style. The modification was very minimal but the impact on the home is magnificent and immeasurable. Brightly colored bricks replaced the old looking square, colored tiles, and the transparent window was replaced by a slightly tinted dark glass. These simple modifications along with repainting the walls significantly improved the home’s façade and so it’s overall look and feel...along with its value! In just a couple of weeks, Century Homes pulled this home from the category of another home from the past to a home of the future.

If you think your home needs a simple touch up, please give us a call and we can talk about it.
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